CRM - HR Panel

Make Strong Relationship With Your Customers


Make sure most income comes from repeated customers. Attracting new customers is an expensive sport and this CRM is gives you strong relationship with your customers in an efficient way.


HR Panel Dashboard


your customers can view the pending invoices with the facility of pay invoice via different payment gateways.


HR Panel Bugs

Customer Mobile App

Your customers can access all the options that are available on the website from the customer`s mobile app.

HR Panel Tasks


For you customers satisfaction all the ongoing projects will be visible in the projects area with its completed percentage.

HR Panel Suggestion


Billing shows the pending invoices to customer with the option of pay invoice and also the archived invoices which have been paid already with the option of print invoice.

HR Panel Tasks


Customer can manage his/her own account any time.

HR Panel Suggestion


Here you can find latest news announcements, and also contact to your support team.

HR Panel Attendance

Support Ticket

Here you can find your support request tickets with the statuses such as:
- Open Ticket
- Pending Ticket
- Closed Ticket

HR Panel Turn Around Time


The admin panel has the option of dashboard, staff, clients, projects, billing, and system setup and manage.
On dashboard, you can check the statistics, project revenue and service transactions.

HR Panel Custom Page

Staff (Admin)

Here you can manage your staff member who will be responsible to handle clients.


Flow board

Clients (Admin)

Here you can manage all your clients. You can easily add/edit and delete any client or can deduct credit from the account of client.
Note: If you delete any client, it will also delete the projects, tasks, invoices etc. assigned under the same client.


HR Panel Noticeboard

Projects (Admin)

Here you can manage all the projects with the options available of:
- Project types
- Project Files
- Add Project


Flow board

Billing (Admin)

Via this powerful feature you can manage customer’s invoices with the options:
- create invoices and email unpaid invoices to your customers.
- view quotes and transactions.
- You can also create & download project report.


HR Panel Noticeboard

System Setup (Admin)

Via system setup you can setup and manage System Configurations, Payment Gateways, Database backups and via email manager you can also send email to all customers / all staff members or selected users at the same time.


Flow board

Manage (Admin)

By using this great feature you can create your own feedback forms, survey forms, Estimation form and anything you need. You can review you events in beautiful calendar view. Also you can manage your support tickets.


HR Panel Noticeboard


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