Attendance - HR Panel

Attendance Management System


It’s designed for new century and fulfill your all attendance needs.

Attendance Calendar

It shows your attendance, you can check your time-in and time-out timings of current and previous months.

Comprehensive Attendance Report

HR person of your company can also generates and download the attendance report anytime. In adition monthly attendance report automatically sends on particular email address on monthly basis with total working hours calculations.

Employee Wise Attendance Report

After total working hours calculations every employee of your company will recieved own attendance report on monthly basis via email.

Break Time

Your employee can also mark lunch breaks as well. And break time will not be calculated in working hours.

Upload Previous Attendance Records

Its simple! you can upload your previous employees records via simple excel file.

Multiple Time-ins & Time-outs

You can control your financials to provide option to your employees to mark multiple time-ins & time-outs in same day. So only working hours will be calculated.


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